July 5th, 2003


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Went out to the barbeque last night and had a couple beers. I was particularly proud of myself as
  1. I was so tired I almost didn't go (but got a second wind while there)
  2. Met a whole bunch of fun new people (I generally freak when I don't know anyone there)
  3. We didn't act like the geezers of the party (even though we were)
  4. Everyone laughed at my reference to "emergency pants"
  5. I didn't get offended by the jokes that I have a bionic finger (it's apparrently Mr. Gadget-like in it's ability to telescope and flip people off. Next week I get the sound effects back.)

So overall it was a good night. Going to sleep during fireworks maddness isn't easy, but I made it in to work on time.

In completely unrelated news, the guys on my shift alternate betwen calling me pushy, bossy lady, mom and the best shiftlead there is. I wonder if they're related?
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