August 22nd, 2003


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I've been too busy at work and too crampy at home to do any writing, either here or on my "book." I think I'm going to start putting that in quotes so that no one expects too much. It's not like I know whether or not it'll get done. But I figure once I get to the second draft, I might start publishing it in pieces on the web (either my site or here). Not sure yet, but that's the plan anyway. Oh, if only something were concrete. At this point, I'd take nearly anything. There's just too much in flux to make me comfortable. Things are looking up, but bah! Maybe I'll spend some of today out gardening and bake my brain into oblivion for a while.
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Sexist Plays

Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare is a comedy that appears to be sexist and outdated at first glance, requiring the reader to take into account the period in which it was written and allow for their value structure. However, with minor changes this play was adapted resulting in 10 Things I Hate About You (when did Julia Siles become the teen-Shakespearian-movie-adaptation queen?). The premise is still valid, even though I wish that it wasn’t. The love and understanding of a good person will make changes in the loved.

Of course, the important part of this story is not the theme but the comedy. Shakespeare follows his tried-and-true method of impersonation to bring laughs. The improbable substitution of a merchant for a noble, a servant for a noblemans son and the son for a tutor make for somewhat confusing reading but result in enough strange happenstance that it’s worth it. Some of the language was contrived, and the pieces that were supposed to be subtle really required work by the actors to make them believable. But on the whole, very entertaining and quick to read.

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