January 22nd, 2004


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Yesterday I was trapped in a training class all day. The claim to have trained me on how to be a provider of "excellent customer service." Actually, I spent most of the time writing on my novel. The class wasn't as bad as I expected, and the trainer was interesting. That's all the praise I can muster.

At the end of the class, I checked my work email - still no word on the jobs I've applied for. I'm currently trying to figure out where the line is between good and bad pushy. So I grabbed a coworker and dragged him off for drinks, since I'd already called the hubster and let him know I wasn't going to brave traffic and would just grab something to eat while I waited for it to die down.

We ended up running off to a restaurant down by the water with fabulous food where we waited for his wife to join us. I had my first French Martini and now must find the recipe to duplicate it at home. I'm just a huge fan of the martini glass, so anything I can drink out of it makes me happy.

We sat and talked and ate for hours. We covered work, mutual friends, weddings, politics, college, you name it. It was wonderful. I felt more alive last night than I have in ages. It was such a fabulous feeling, I'm only sad that I can't recapture it right now. To be engaged and interested instead of merely distracting myself from life...

How is this easy?

My husband and I watched Easy Rider a few nights ago. I'd been wanting to see it since our graveyard tourguide mentioned it in New Orleans. It lost me about 10 seconds into the film. But we perservered, watching all the way through to the bizarre and tragic ending. The best part of the film was watching them romp in the graveyard and knowing that was the reason the Catholic church no longer allows filming there.
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Thank you trista! Lime Diet Coke is indeed food of the gods. And in honor of this fantastic new non-cleaner based drink, I'd like y'all to share ideas with me. What would you mix with lime vodka? All I can think of is grapefruit juice.