February 27th, 2004


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This morning I was minding my own business, searching for a shirt in the closet. This is a difficult task because the only light I get is from the bathroom which is down the hall. So I'm peering at the closet, all hunched over because the curtain rod for my shirts is as waist level and I have to feel them to tell one dark shirt from another.

At this point, one of the cats leaps onto my back - I know this because suddenly I have 4 paws and their claws poking into me. It was a good thing that I was all hunched over and essentially horizontal, otherwise he would have slid all the way down my back using his claws for purchase. As it was, he's not the most coordinated cat so he was sliding around and clawing me. Of course, this is when my husband wakes up and starts laughing.

I sat down on the bed to let stupid off, and he's not interested. Seems he wanted to check out the closet and the upper levels and I was just a convenient elevator. Finally, I got a little human help and he was plucked off my back and dumped on the floor. Now that we're both awake and I'm running late and can't remember what I was doing in the closet, my husband decides to tell me how funny it was to see a cat leap at me like I was another piece of furniture.

That cat is getting no treats for a week. Punk.

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Things to do today:

  • Turn in vacation form

  • Call recruiter

  • Make appt for monkey at the vet

  • Write!

  • Avoid going insane due to lack of coworkers

  • Call RMC for Marauder tune up


I have a Drinking Problem

Currently on my desk:
Decaf venti Market Spice tea in a steel mug
Decaf venti raspberry mocha in a Tullys paper cup
16 oz thermos of caffeinated Starbucks coffee

Also ready for consumption:
2 20 oz containers of Talking Rain - one berry and one lemon-lime

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From Dead by Sunset by Ann Rule:
Beautiful, intelligent women have difficulty making female friends.

I love this. It makes me beautiful and intelligent.