June 4th, 2004


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I'm sitting here in the office pretending to work. I say pretending, because really I'm listening to an idiot in the hallway try to re-establish his cell phone connection by repeatedly shouting the person's name. We're now up to 15 times he's said "Steven." I'm seriously tempted to go out and thwap him, particularly since he's holding the elevator door open to continue this conversation that no longer exists, and holding the door results in the elevator bonging.

Oh good, he's stopped. Must have finally given up. I suspect that will be the most interesting thing that happens today. Traffic was so light coming in to work I almost had myself convinced it was Saturday. This also means that no one is in the office. So my plan of leaving early is intact. This is good.

I'm sitting here trying to drink my decaf black tea, but it's assaulting me every time I put some in my mouth. It's bitter and hot and is making my stomach sour. However, I'm afraid to tamper with it since I have no idea whether or not putting some creamer in it will make it any better. Will that spare me the bitterness but leave the flavor or just make it an undrinkable mess? Ah, if only this were simple. But it's Friday, and that makes everything complicated.
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My husband was telling me about a weird thing that happened to him about 3AM yesterday. There was this scan of light across the bedroom wall. Then later he was awakened (why didn't I wake up?) buy a big rumbling. The way he was telling the story, it sounded like some weird Signs phenomenon. Turns out it was a meteorite exploding.
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Flyday Fyve

1) What is the dwelling you secretly wish you owned? Houseboat, loft, country farm, something else?

Secret? I don't think it's much of a secret. I want a home by the ocean, one in the woods with lots of acreage. It must have a guest house and a barn. High speed access to the net also. No roads though, thanks. Dirt tracks out to some remote highway. I always envision it as something of a log cabin, but giant.

2) What sort of home do you want to have when you retire?

See above. Of course, I want to retire now. I also want a house someplace tropical.

3) If you could make one room of your house over into your dream space, which room would it be and what would you do?

The dining room. It would be large and beautiful, with spaces for the perfect china cabinet, a sideboard and some antique chinese cabinets. Plus, room for the dining table (seating for 16). I can see the screens now...

4) What's the thing that everyone oohs and aahs over in terms of housewares that strikes you as perverse at best?

Entertainment centers baffle me. Seriously. I don't want to see that crap unless I'm watching it. Make me a nice cabinet already!

5) Is there something they haven't invented yet that you wish they would from the same category? If not, what have they invented that makes you grin that happy home grin?

A computer desk that works. It needs to hold my printer, scanner, and all the stuff that goes along with it. Plus, it must organize the cables and hold multiple computers. If only.

Out of the Box

I hate that phrase. It doesn’t mean anything at all since it’s been so overused. But the management book that uses the phrase doesn’t really mean that. Or at least this management book, Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting Out of the Box, didn’t mean it that way. This was more a take on what motivates people and how to get them to be more selfless in their approach to work.

The basic premise: treat your coworkers as human beings. Yes, this seems obvious. But it’s also a guide for how to catch yourself when you’re not treating others like they’re human. The guide was the most valuable part of the book.

I’m making my husband read this one. It’s got all of the things I love about management books - an ovbious concept and it’s not just applicable to managers.

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The Girl of the Golden West

Actually, the title of the opera was in Italian, but it was based in California during the gold rush. Does it really matter? I don’t think so, this was my least favorite of the productions. It was slow, silly and pointless. Casting a large unsexy man as the woman a saintly figure falls for enough to descend into a world where she has to free him from a righteous hanging with a gun is just silly.

Maybe I’m spoiled, but the music didn’t move me. I kept waiting to feel something - anything. But instead I was bored. The third act picked it up a bit and I nearly jumped out of my skin when they shot the blanks. In fact the music almost made me believe that they were running off happily into the west.

Almost, but not quite.

The opera left me flat and unsatisfied. For all that they house claims they’re on par with New York, I wish they’d pick better material. I’m waiting for the Ring…

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