January 6th, 2005


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It is snowing at my house. This is amazing, mostly because I live in western Washington and it never snows here. I swear, it's an average of 5 years between snowfalls. But we've managed to get a really cold front followed by moisture, and well, there you go. The really crazy part is that it's sticking.

You may well be asking "why is she home on a workday?" The answer to that one is pretty simple. I woke up with a headache. When that happens, I spend all day with the thing. And frankly, there's nothing to do at work, so why go in and be miserable? I can be in just as much pain in my bed. Or working on the cranky letter to the insurance folks or whatever.

Oh, and DNS is hosed on my computer, so the site's still down. At least to the outside world.

Wiring the bathroom

Last weekend the hubby and I worked on organizing the garage. It’s not great, not really even very close yet, but now we have more room for the things that we’re getting - tools and their storage. After spending all day doing that, we were pretty energized and ready to tackle other projects. Wiring? No problem!

So off we went to replace a regular outlet with a GFCI outlet. That was pretty easy. Well, once we figured out how to get the wires out of the old outlet, it was easy. Swapped those 4 wires and we were done! But we were also looking to replace the fan switch with a timer.

The timer’s still not in. Too many wires, it’s a 20 amp decive (and the bathroom’s wired for 5 amps) and the dark conspired against us. But the hubby thinks he has a way to get it in, so we’ll try it again. Later. Maybe next time when it’s light out. At least now we know more about how the crazy electician wired the upstairs.

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