February 4th, 2005


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This is eaxctly what I was afraid of. Condoleezza Rice has gone abroad as the President's mouthpiece and the resulting stories are headlined by statements like Attacking Iran "not on US agenda". This is what we've sunk to in world opinion. The reputation of the US has been altered, perhaps irreparably, by going into Afghanistan and Iraq as an agressor. It appals me to think that I live in a country that starts wars.
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I have defeated the Apache/DNS daemon. Or should that be demon? Either way, it was quite a struggle and I'm very proud of myself for finally kicking it into submission. If only housework were this interesting.

Basically that means that my site and pygma_lions are up and playing nice with the world again. So soon there will be more pictures. And an update. Really.

Flyday Fyve

Almost didn't do this one. It's too hard to think today.

1) I am . . . I said. How sad is it that the first thing that comes to mind is Neil Daimond? But really, I'm tired and emotionally drained. And yet really looking forward to the weekend and proud of my tech skills.

2) I was . . . hungry. But now I'm not. I was also frustrated, but I defeated Apache!

3) I wish . . . I had more perserverence. I'm going to have to work on that one.

4) Someday, I will be . . . old? A shop owner is a better answer.

5) I wish I was still . . . in bed. Seriously.


I just ordered some EarJams from Griffin. I love my iPod, but finding headphones that aren’t horrible has made me resort to the ones my Dad passed along when he gave me his ancient walkman. These things are so old the foam is rotting off. But they hurt less than the ear buds, especially since I’ve lost the foam covering for them. I’m really hoping that they’ll fit well and make the buds comfortable again, particularly since I wear headphones almost all day long.

Thanks Halsted for the link.

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