September 9th, 2005


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I'm considering getting a lunch box type item to carry my food to work. I've recently discovered that I MUST HAVE PROTEIN on a regular basis or my body freaks out and goes into some weird sort of starvation mode followed by a migraine. The worst thing about learning this is that I hav enow officially become my mother. Hrmph.

Anyway, protein doesn't keep very well at room temperature, so I need some sort of way to keep my afternoon snack cold. No, vegetables don't work. I've tried that, thanks. They just make me full and cranky, which really isn't much of an improvement. So I'm thinking that the perfect think would be one of those old school plastic lunchboxes with the thermos, but I'm an adult. How silly would it be for me to bring one of those in to work? Do I really care if it marks me as silly? Is it worth it for a job where I won't have access to a fridge for only 6 months?

So, poll time!

Poll #567419 Lunchboxes

Lunchbox or no?


How silly is too silly?

Go serious, it's business casual there!
Do what you want, it's your money.
Silly! Retro is the best!
You're actually asking about this?
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I want Tiger. Now. Also, covet!! I don't want to wait for it! But the money budget says "Ooooh, you'll want your Tiger! You'll crave it fortnightly! (But you can't have it until next month!)" See, the money budget is even more evil than Colonel Sanders.

This bout of materialism is brought to you by spending hours on Amazon updating ratings and recommendations. This is what happens when there is literally nothing for me to do.

Morning ritual

Every morning when my alarm goes off, I'm greeted by a white cat jumping on the bed with "Maa maaa maa." Just in case I didn't hear the alarm, you see, she's backing it up. Also, there's generally a huge furry orange cat face on the pillow next to me.

The ritual continues as I'm preceded into the bathroom by said white cat. Stretching and posing takes place in the hallway. When we're both in the bathroom, petting and scratching of the top and cheeks of kitty face ensues. Then, as I'm climbing in the shower, occassionally I get whapped by a little white paw. I haven't quite figured out if this is because I'm too close to her or if there was not enough petting. After the shower, there's more squalling until I let her into the tub to drink the water that drips from the faucet.

As I walk back into the bedroom, I note that stinky orange cat has put as much of his body as he dares on my pillow. See, he knows that he's not allowed to put more than his upper half on it (at least while I'm conscious). I pull up the sheets on my husbands side of the bed and the cat leaps off with a protest that sounds like he's just pinched every part of his body in a vise that suddenly grabbed then let go of him. I then move around to my side of the bed and pull up those sheets.

On the rare occasions when he doesn't get out of the way, the big bugger gets covered by sheets and pillows and whatever else is supposed to go in the space he's occupying. He's finally figured this out and started getting out of the way instead of being covered. Some days, though, he's just too danged stubborn. And it's not like he minds the sheets smothering him; he actively gets in the way when I'm changing the sheets by plunking down in the exact center of the bed.

This ritualization of the weekday mornings surprises me, mostly because I didn't notice it happening. The amount of cat noise first thing in the morning is just amazing.