October 7th, 2005


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Dammit. Now I can't get any email other than work email. Bastards found my super-secret webmail accounts. And I was just thinking this morning about how I could settle into this zombie existince if I left my ambition at the door.

The best part about this morning so far was the end of my drive to work. I got to watch random bike rider leaving campus on his way-too-jacked-up-for-him mountain bike. He used it just like we used to ride the dirt bikes when I was little. Take it out and pop a wheelie! How high can you get that front wheel really, when riding on a crowded sidewalk?

Oh, and this is for emergency use only.(via tdj)
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The painters are at my house right now, doing their work on the outside and deck. You'd think this would make me happy, but no. I'm pissed right the fuck off. Oooh, curse word. Anyway, they have been absolutely miserable at communicating. I wouldn't care, except that I asked them to give me notice. See, I have to take time off work so that I can be there for them to paint the front door (what with them needing a key and all).

How am I supposed to arrange something like that when they don't warn me ahead of time? I guess I'll take off a little early today so that this can be done. It's not like I want to have to deal with them again about it. You can bet that I'm going to get their guarantee in writing though. Especially since they were painting yesterday and then it rained.