October 10th, 2005


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Very, very busy weekend. Well, except for Friday - I loafed around and went to bed early (after letting the painters in to paint the front door). But Saturday morning I spent installing Tiger on my Mac, synching up my phone to iCal and playing around with widgets. The afternoon was scraping paint from the window ledges, first the hard way and then the easy way. Also received the radial arm saw from my Dad (he had to make room in his garage for his enormous new joiner), the Husband came home, and made a run to the store for last minute stuff to be ready for Sundays activities.

Sunday was a whirlwind. I cleaned out three armloads of paper for the recycling bin before breakfast. After, we started in on grouting the fireplace. That took for-freaking-ever; grouting with sanded grout on a vertical surface is one heck of a challenge. But it's done! And mostly clean! We even put up the trim on the windows and ledges - including the windows where the last bunch of schmucks had never bothered to finish them off. In fact, working with the trim cleaned out space in the garage! So, much less to do before the 24th now. And this morning, I realized I have 2 whole weekends to finish stuff up! I'm so excited.

Left to do:
  • Tonight - putty the holes in the trim
  • Tomorrow - sand everything
  • Wednesday - paint trim
  • Thursday - second coat
  • Weekend - ceiling and wall touchups and staining of trim for fireplace, maybe finishing up the last of the curtains
  • Next week - application of fireplace trim and verathane, also cleanup of marble and sealing

You just watch. This schedule will shift mightily. Also, hoping that the deck will be stained soon by those danged painter people.