October 13th, 2005


Dumb computers

The one thing I hate about my iPod is its inability to exclude Christmas songs from the "shuffle all" function. Random Christmas in October is just disconcerting. And I never get to the skip button fast enough.
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You know, I used to think HOAs were a waste of money. In fact, I still think they are, but that's just because the one I belong to is cash-rich.

Anyway. When the window on my house was broken (turns out it was a marble shot by something - husband found the thing under the window), I called the cops and the HOA. The current president is a fabulous woman. She's organized a neighborhood meeting to talk about the recent string of vandalism. Turns out that when she was walking around talking to people about what had happened, several other folks brought up random incidents.

I don't live in an area that's very... connected. We all live our separate lives in our separate houses. Sometimes we say hi when passing on the street, but mostly we ignore one another. I guess its this attitude that lets these sorts of things go unreported for so long. I hope that a lot of people come to the meeting so that we can get the word out and maybe actually start looking out for each other. It would be a nice change to not feel like I'm the only one outside my home and walking on the street for a while.