October 14th, 2005


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On my way in this morning, I passed a raggedy old crow. The thing was missing feathers and those that were left appeared to be going gray. This made me wonder - do crows go gray? I know dogs do, but what about birds?


I've spent the last two days drawing floor plans of the next house that we want to own. Since we're planning on having it built, I have the luxury of doing that. Of course, at this point I have no idea how much it will cost. So it may take us forever to build it but that's not really a deterrent. Drawing out the plans has actually been a good outlet - it lets the compulsive planner in me roam free while not spending a penny. Also, I'm no longer obsessing and spending too much time on builders websites. That was getting annoying, even to me.

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ms_monkey, pygma_lion and I went for sushi last night. We ate way too much, drank sake and went for a Target run. There's nothing like a Target run after sushi. We spend tons of time making fun of the bizarre stuff they try to pawn off on people. Seriously - Scottie Biscuits? Are they made of Scotties? Ick!

Anyway, over the course of the evening, they made copius fun of me for putting things away instead of letting them live in piles in my house. It's not my fault that I like things clean! Disorder grates on my nerves. I blame my cats for this, since they used to eat everything in site when they were little.