December 1st, 2005


Let it snow (overnight)

So its been snowing for a couple of hours and hte exodus has already started. Folks have left the office to try to beat traffic home, particularly because the snow is melting as soon as it hits the ground. So really, after dark, it's going to be ice with a layer of snow on top. Fun. Thank goodness I'm not the one driving today (yay cold meds!).

I really don't object to snow. The stuff is beautiful and fun to play in. And if it had snowed last night, I wouldn't be at work now. I'd have slept in this morning and had a wonderful day home with the cats. Mostly, I object to how people drive in the snow. No one here knows how to do it (how do you get any practice with snow every 3 years or so?) so it just becomes a terrible danger because of idiots in SUVs. Just because a car has 4 wheel drive doesn't mean that it can stop on a dime on ice. Geez.

So if only the snow would hold off until I get home, I'd be ecstatic. Staying home tomorrow would be fantastic.

Generation gap

Last night during Moms birthday dinner, we started talking about families and generation gaps. I always forget my families oddness until confronted with the husbands family. Moms family in particular had a penchant for having kids late. Her father was born in 1894 and his father was born in 1832. I must remember to relate this to the husband family and properly freak them out.