December 2nd, 2005


Sudafed is bad for sleeping

I made the mistake of taking a Sudafed before bed last night to try to control the sniffles. About midnight, I woke up with my brain acting like it was on speed or something. I had insane visions of homunculi in battle trying to fit themselves into a 9x9 grid (I blame Sudoku for the grid). It took about half an hour for me to figure out that I needed to actually focus on something to get the insane visions to stop. So I spent the next fifteen minutes or so trying to wrangle my brain back into some sense of order.

So today I'm a bit tired, even though I'm somewhat wired. And I'm the only one in this 6 person cube (Oooh, scary snow outside! It's 1/4 inch deep!), so you'll pardon me if I'm a bit silly today.

(no subject)

1. When is the last time you rode the bus?
Ummmm, I think it was about 2 weeks ago on the way to work. It's just as easy/cheap to carpool right now.

2. Describe the last time you stood up for a cause:
This is so vague. It's been a couple of months since I worte nasty letters to my congresscritters. I think that was the last time.

3. Have you visited Alabama?
Nope. But my brother nearly went to college there.

4. Have you ever attended a rally?
Yeah, sort of. It was 8th grade though, so that doesn't really count.

5. Have you ever been arrested?

(no subject)

The other day, my husband and I were watching Mona Lisa Smile... don't ask me why; somehow it ended up on the Netflix list. I think it must have been due to the Maggie Gyllenhaal connection. Anyway, it was a pretty crappy chick flick, except for one bit where the main character is accused of trying to make her students into her image, not letting them choose for themselves.

I think this is the point where feminism is stuck today. The loudest of the feminists have forgotten that its about choice - allowing each person to choose the role that they want to play and not have it be pre-ordained by their gender. I guess that's part of the reason that I call myself a feminist and not one of the other pretty PC names. I'm tired of letting conservatives define terms and win the psycological war that way. If you concede your definitions at the beginning of the fight, what position do you have to defend?

Anyway, I'm glad to see that we're making progress in the struggle to make life roles gender neutral. My sister-in-law and her husband live in Spokane (it's a fairly conservative town) and he's just taken over the role of stay at home parent so that she could start working full time. And from the stories they told over Thanksgiving, there are several other stay at home husbands that he gets to pal around with, which is very encouraging.

(partially spawned by altoidsaddicts fantastic rant against the rape meme/emails)