April 1st, 2006


Tools, tools, tools

I've been so busy working with tools I've barely been online for a week. This is really odd, but I'm enjoying it. Mostly.

Monday and Friday were spend working on the bookcase that my father and I are building. Friday we used most of the tools in his garage, and I even ran almost all of them. We made some solid progress and hopefully will be getting things moving along soon.

Today however, was another story. We finally figured out what's been leaking in this cursed house. The drain from the kitchen sink and dishwasher was cracked along the length of one 4 foot section of pipe. This crack ran horizontally along the entire pipe. In 2 different places. Frankly, I'm amazed that we didn't have a flood in the garage. So we replaced that bit, only to find that another section of pipe is cracked and needs to be replaced. Oh, and by the way, the shutoff valve into the house needs to be replaced.

Plumbing is not my favorite activity, to be polite about it. Electricity? Fine. Construction? Dandy. Just keep me out of the danged water supply. But noooo. I think the house is trying to drive us away. Either that, or the warranty just expired.