November 7th, 2006


Flood stage


It's tough to tell from this picture, but that river is just about to overflow the banks. Fortunately, the bridge (which is the only way in and out of the neighborhood I live in) is fairly high. Thank you Pineapple Express.

Grandmas china

So I've been meaning to tell the story of Grandmas china, well, forever. I've had this china for about 5 years, it was designated as mine well before Grandma fell ill.

See, my Dad joined the Navy in about '57. He travelled all over the world during his tour. The way Grandma always told the story, she enrolled him in college while he was away and when he returned she picked him up in time to start the semester. Dad's story is more along the lines of "she came and got me and dumped me off at college." From what I can tell, there was no discussion of where or even if he wanted to go.

Anyway, one of the ports on Dads tour was Japan. While he was there, he picked up the china in this picture. Grandma held onto it for about 40 years before I got it. I have no idea whether or not she ever used it, but the fact that she kept it and passed it back to me makes it very special.