November 20th, 2006


Cooking for 6

Like an idiot, I volunteered to make Thanksgiving dinner at my house. For my whole family. See, I'm not the best chef, nor am I the most patient or organized chef. I make excellent food, but much of it is by smell and taste, not really resembling any sort of recipe or plan. So making a 12 pound turkey Thursday is going to be a bit of a challenge.

I'm trying very hard to avoid panicking about this, particularly the fact that I don't have all the ingredients for stuff that I need, by attempting to make a menu and follow with lists from there. This is only moderatly useful as I'm also suffering from a large bout of not caring as a result of having a very small party on Saturday instead of the rather large one I was hoping for.

I guess I'm really going to have to go for the buckling down and getting my butt in gear mode instead of playing on the apathy. That will only lead to having a poorly cooked turkey and cranky guests, and we can't have that.