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I no longer have stitches in my right hand! Yay!

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Yay! I got my cyst drained with a needle last Tuesday. It was difficult to use that hand for a few days, but it's just a little achy at the end of the day now. There's still a slight lump; I think more goop oozed out after the drainage. Yum. I guess time will tell if it's going to still be annoying or if it will recur. The doctor was pretty pro-surgery but was willing to give this a shot. And a med student got to pull the plunger, so I served an educational function. How long does it take to get normal use of the hand back after the surgery? That's my main reason for being leery of it. Was your cyst on the inside of the wrist? I guess that makes a difference.

Mine was in the joint between the palm of my hand and the middle finger. So I've been pretty well hand-less since the surgery, with the notable exception on my index finger. Today is 2 weeks since they took it out, and I should be fully healed in another 2 at the longest. My doc told me that I definitely shouldn't immobilize my had, but only use it as long as it doesn't hurt. My handy-dandy surgery pamphlet says basically the same things for the wrist surgery that it did for the hand one. They say to use a wrist brace, but you'd probably have more finger motion than I do. But this way, I don't have to do dishes or laundry. :)

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