November 30th, 2007



Over the last day and a half, this evening has been scheduled within an inch of its life. My mothers birthday is today, so we've been trying to plan dinner for about two weeks. This is impossible, as my brother seems to know neither how to use a phone nor how to speak to his wife. When I spoke to him on Thanksgiving, I specifically asked him to talk to her and let us know what their timing was like, but as of Wednesday that had not happened. Somewhere in his life, my brother went from the pain-in-the-ass-younger-sibling to the wholly-irresponsible-brat. I know that these aren't that far apart, as siblings go, but hot damn. How long does it take to talk to your wife?

Anyway, add to this my husbands car breaks finally going completely bad (after freezing solid in Spokane and requiring a tow to the mechanic on Monday) and the fact that we really need to pick up the frozen cat meat tonight and you have me going a little nuts. It wouldn't be such an emergency if the meat weren't sitting out thawing on a carport and this silly white cat would eat any other kind of meat without prying open her mouth and shoving it down her throat. But since we ran out and she's been particularly fussy, getting that meat tonight is vital.

I just have no idea how we're going to do it all, especially including the variable time when the meat will be arriving. We have a dinner reservation (finally this morning) for 7 or so, but with the distance between stops and the urgency, I highly suspect that we'll be canceling on dinner.

This is the 21st century! Where is my transporter?