January 17th, 2008

typewriter, technology

Some days I'm too "smart" for my own good

I am a fool. Sometimes I forget that being a techie doesn't make me uber-technical; it just makes me able to troubleshoot.

Over the holidays, I had several days off from work. I figured that this would be the perfect time to do some upgrading on my web server, especially since I hadn't really worked on it since I'd installed Fedora Core 2. Yeah, it's really been that long. They're up to FC8 now, so I had some serious upgrading to do. And you can't really skip versions with the way it's set up. Far more likely to cause problems that way. So I made what backups I could and set to it.

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All this is to say thank you for those who provided hosting information. I've moved the site to a host (I was able to restore all the data!) and basically decommed the server I was using. The ability to get backups on demand, never worry about power outages and have someone else worry about patching? Priceless. Well, or it's worth more than 2 solid weeks of my time.