March 5th, 2010


Project overload

I'm going a little bit batty with the number of projects I'm trying to run. I've got several large ones at the office, with a couple more on the way. This is moderately overwhelming, but I'm managing ok because I have a white board I can put things on to keep track and an integrated email system with flags and appointments and reminders and braining.

Where I'm falling apart is at home. There are several things pending which I'm avoiding, in large part because the variables are SO BIG they're breaking my brain. I really need a better way to break things down and make the tasks smaller so I can actually feel like I'm making progress.

And you know, articulating the problem here has given me the solution. I need to start taking advantage of my project software - but I need to make the pieces small enough that I can actually check them off. I think the problem has been that the tasks were so big they weren't ever getting a "complete" mark. Little things I can handle. The BIG LOOMING PROJECT is overwhelming.