May 21st, 2010


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I'm struggling with a values conflict today. My frugality (carefully cultivated and nurtured) is fighting with by liberal and progressive political beliefs. There's an initiative that might be coming up for a vote this fall that wants to establish an income tax people above a certain income tax bracket to offset lowering property taxes and B&O tax for small businesses. Any extra funds generated by this new tax would go to public schools and health care.

I'm all for almost all of this. The funding things, yes; the lowering of property taxes to avoid taxing people out of their homes, yes; encouraging small business, yes! There are just 2 things I don't like - the first is easy. This state promised when they established the Lottery that money from that would go to public schools. They've proven that to be a big fat lie. So the accounting here sucks rocks, and I don't buy the theory that leftover funds will actually be allocated as stated.

The second is FAR more complex. When I first read the coverage of the announcement of this initiative, I thought my family would fall into that tax bracket. My first instinct was to reject it - largely based on the creation of a new tax for people perceived as "rich." It kills me to admit this, because it means I'm a a hypocrite. I'm ok with taking other people's money, but not my own? Woah, double standard. And this is really pissing me off.

But now that I've discovered this beautiful mess in my brain, I'm going to go back and do some more research on exactly what this bill is. i always do the math when they propose new taxes to see if it's something we can afford to pay when voting, so I'll just have to apply that here. Even if it doesn't apply to us now, it might in the future. And I really shouldn't expect people to shoulder a burden I wouldn't. I hate this new voice in the back of my head calling me a hypocrite, so I'm going to kick him right out.

Starts in the wings

My peppers from Seed Savers Exchange arrived this week. This was the absolute latest I could get them shipped, there aren’t any later dates available. Of course, last weekend was lovely and I might have been tempted to put them in the ground right away when they arrived if they’d come earlier. Thank goodness they didn’t though. The weather has turned horrible and snarly, laughing at my attempts to grow anything other than broccoli and peas.

Thank goodness for the broccoli starts though! They’re cheering me immensely, even though there are so many I can’t think of what we’re going to do with the extra. If they produce all at once, some will end up at the local food bank and some might end up with the neighbors. Hopefully before we get too sick of the dark green goodness. Fortunately peas and broccoli are our staples for the summer stir fries, so we’ll sauce them up and eat like kings.

As for the beautiful pepper plants, they’ll continue to be safe and warm under the grow lights in the basement. There’s no way I’m putting them outside until we stop getting fresh snow on the mountain.

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