savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Today was a success. We found 6 sets of dishes Mom likes, so the odds are good that Dad will like one. In addition, there were several glasses that match the description Dad attempted to give her that included all of "skinny and not too tall." Yes, getting anything for him requires one to be psychic. We had lunch at the place with the thing in the stuff; the food was good, prices were reasonable, and they're willing to work with Mom to set up a butt-kicking menu/drink list. Did I mention that it's less than a block from where the rehearsal/ceremony is? Oh, and we'll get to set up that night too. So, busy. Must remember to take the day after the wedding off. Anyway, we also made it to 3 places that sell stone; I have prices, patterns, delivery charges and estimated coverage all in my hot little hand. Now all I need is 3 more months of summer and $2000 to get the back yard all remodeled.
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