November 2nd, 2013


30 days of thankful

We'll see how far I get into this one, even though I'm already late. Let's start with yesterday.

The day started out rough, long week and lots of catching up to do. It actually also ended pretty rough, nearly getting a migraine and just generally being exhausted. As a result, I'm super thankful that I have an awesome husband who is understanding. When I just can't bear to speak to one more person, he'll abandon plans to go pick up groceries together and drop me off at home where I can hide in solitude and get my equilibrium back. He'll also go to the store and pick up awesome veggies and supplies to make dinner and still come back cheerful. I'm so very lucky.

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Day two stuff is easy too. I'm thankful for our vet. As much as we've been in and out of vet offices (three of them) over the last six weeks, I'm so grateful we have the vet we do. They don't judge me on what we feed the cats. They don't scold me with misinformation. They got me to the right emergency vet (I've been to three over the years. Two were crap and we will never go back.) who could actually watch the cat and make sure that he got diagnosed properly and the right treatment. They follow up and talk to me like I'm an intelligent human being. And in fact, they're smarter than some of the people hospital techs I've talked to. I feel really fortunate to have found such a good practice.