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I have had a really good 2 days. I've decided to switch my career path, but not limit myself. So I'm looking for work that I want to do in addition to the stuff I'm qualified for. I had a great conversation with my husband yesterday morning about the commoditization of IT and how to keep it in country. It was really interesting to use Nike and migrant agricultural workers as a reference for IT work.

Anyway, as a result of this conversation, I'm still open to IT stuff but it's only a day job. I'm braving the anger of my hand to get some writing done on the novel that I want to lead me into getting paid to write. I feel like an actor who waits tables to live while waiting for the big break. Worst case scenario is that we move someplace cheaper and I open a bookstore while the husband develops software by telecommuting. Best case is I open the bookstore but we don't have to move (unless we want to) because I'm making money off the novels. Either way, count me happy.
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