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(no subject)

I'm tired. This is particularly silly as I managed to get 8 nearly-uninterrupted hours of sleep last night. I think this tired has more to do with the activity in my brain and the new exercize regimen, but I could be wrong. I've got so many things mulling around in my head that it's nearly paralyzing. I think today will be list day. I'll make a list of all the things running around and tackle them one by one until I feel sane again. I will not be distracted by meetings nor will I nap at my desk. These are bad things (must remember this).

The good news is that I get to go on 2 vacations before fall officially sets in. The husband and I are running off to his parents cabin for a couple of days to sleep and hike and be alone. I must remember to plan for meals that can be cooked on a stove in the middle of nowhere without water. Three whole days without other people will be bliss. Also stil planning the thrip to Athens for September. Passport's in order but the flight and vacation planning for work is still up in the air. That ought to be done soon. I'm looking forward to getting out of town!