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(no subject)

My parents went out and bought themselves a pool table. Therefore, I was obligated to play several games with them over the weekend. It was great. None of us are any good, which made it all that much more fun as there was no competition between any of us. It was very much like a game of golf, each of us playing against our inner daemons.

I must go now, before the return of the massaging kitty. I've got one more version of the novel outline to pound out before I can get any more real writing done. Plus, the coffee is upstairs. :)

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:p That was always my problem in school - I could never do an outline... I would rather just sit down and write the thing! But I suppose that's why I'm less organised. *grin*

Yeah, well, I love the outline. It means I don't have to think at all. I just rewrite it over and over, fleshing it out a little at a time and then I'm magically done! It's harder with this creative stuff, but since I already have point A and point B, I really needed to figure out a decent way to get there. Otherwise the poor reader would be stuck in Ramblesville forever. :)

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