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(no subject)

I'm stuck on hold with the airline trying to get the trip to Athens straightened out. All I need to do is cancel this reservation. At least the hold music isn't too bad.

Yesterday was pretty productive. I managed to write several pages and get a decent outline for the next two sections. I think I've already hit a chapter break, but I'm not sure. It's exciting to make progress anyway. Today I'm going to write more, go see Pirates of the Caribbean, do another load of laundry, cancel this reservation, water the plants and go grocery shopping. That sounds like more than it really is...

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How come you're cancellling? Did you get a different one?

Yep, different flight, fewer connections. And the new one actually gets me all the way home.

*grin* Always a bonus. Well, unless you were stranded in, say, the Carribean...

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