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Mini vacation

I had an anniversary! It was the anniversary of my wedding on Monday. The husband and I decided that it was important to spend a little time together, so we went to his family's cabin in Idaho. Northern Idaho, sometime home to radicals of all sorts of kooks, is a pretty nice place. Particularly when you're so close to Canada that you can almost touch it. We were all the way up by Good Grief, pretending to rough it. The cabin has all the amenities of home, but for the running water. Electricity and a propane stove are nice (particularly when cooking chicken satay) but the running water. Well. I don't know how people live without it. Waiting for the filter to process the water, heating it for showers and dishes and cooking... it all took forever. But the nights were so dark and the place was deserted. It was wonderful. We were able to stay for only 2 days (just enough to make a mess) which is the only thing I regret. A week would probably be too long, but I'd really love to spend 3 or 4 solid days up there hiking and exploring.

The best part was the surprise when we arrived. My mother in law had made up an anniversary picnic basket with heart shaped crackers, mini bread crackers, onion and roasted garlic jelly, peanut unbrittle, chocolates and wine. The surprise was so wonderful. The present was great, perfect for the two of us, but the surprise was so much better. I have the best mother in law.

Anyway, there was much walking and several silly pictures. They may or may not be posted, depending upon how silly they actually are (I've not seen many of them. The husband actually took the camera for a while!). My husband is very strange too. He decided that we must have nice food while in the middle of nowhere and set up chicken satay, Vietnamese sandwiches, BLTs, beef stroganof, and eggs with bacon and hashbrowns as meals. Of course, he doesn't have the proportions right for how much we eat yet (he's still learning) so we took insane amounts of food and brought half of it home. I'm so spoiled. :)

Coming home is always such a relief too. My kitties showed me just how much they missed me. In fact, they're still playing velcro-cat. But no dead fish and the cats have forgiven us, so I'd call it a pretty successful trip.
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