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Why is using the restroom at work always such an adventure? Today's weirdness was about the Paper That Pretends to Protect the Toilet Seat (PTPPTS for short). What the heck is that this supposed to do anyway? All I ever use it for is a way to clean the toilet seat when there's been an accident of some sort. Some of the toilets here spray like mad, so there's always weirdness on the seat and the PTPPTS seems to absorb everything it contacts so.... well. I digress. Back to today's adventure.

I walk into the stall and someones leftover PTPPTS is sitting on the seat. I was promptly disgusted by the inability of others to make sure that I can at least pretend that I'm the only one using the bathrooms. Then I had to find a way to get rid of the thing without touching it. This is not fun. Nor were the alternatives all that pleasant; I could use the stall that flushes like a waterfall or the handicapped stall, but neither of those options really appealed to me. So, back to figuring out how to get rid of the PTPPTS. What do you use when you don't want to touch something with your hands? Your shoe, of course. So that's the direction I went. Thankfully, I didn't do something really stupid like put my shoe into the toilet. I think the restrooms here ought to be declared disaster zones so people will know what's in store.
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