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Yesterday was a very good day. Got up at a reasonable hour and did many house chores before waking the hubby with a slamming laundry basket. Yes, I did that deliberately (it was 1PM!). Ate a good breakfast, had great coffee and went off to visit the folks. We picked up 3 plants on the way for great prices. I hope that the red azalea survives the sun exposure in the back yard. I know that the new rhodies and the wigiela and hydrangea we grabbed yesterday will do fine.

Mom and Dad were finishing up their garage sale (they managed to get rid of a lot of junk), so Momand I rand off to pick up the signs, grab her some hydrangeas, and pick up some stuff to barbeque. By the time we got back, Dad was finished working on his Harley and the barbeque was started. We had time for a game of cutthroat on thier new pool table. I think that my husband is a pool shark. If he could get over the scratching bit, he'd win a lot faster. :)

Pretty good night overall with barbequed hamburgers and lots of fruit and beer. But today I have a ton of chores. I need to spray the yard for weeds before we can plant all the shrubs and it looks like it's going to rain again. That's ok though, because I really need to make some calls and write some more too. We'll see how it goes. Right now I'm stalling.
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