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Wagnerian Aftermath

I should not be awake. Really, after a Wagnerian opera, you need to sleep until noon the next day. I'd forgotten that though. And of course, my body doesn't know that rule. But sitting though Act (100 minutes), Act 2 (75 minutes), Act 3 (67 minutes) and a couple of half hour intermissions makes for a long exhausting evening. Pile on top of that the 3:30 AM alarm to get to work on time and it was a long day.

But what an amazing opera it was. I got home at 3:30, crashed until 4 and finally decided to be completely anti-trendy in my dress. A lightweight cream sweater (can you say too much air conditioning?), a plaid skirt my mother had from the 80's that she was getting rid of at her garage sale and my black high-heeled boots. Oh, and not opera is complete with less than $1000 worth of jewelry, so I wore my engagement ring (Yes, I've been a slacker lately and only wearing the wedding band. So sue me.).The husband wore a tie and slacks. Men have it so easy with their nice outfit uniform it makes me jealous sometimes. Anyway, there was more traffic than we expected so we arrived at the parking late enough that we bailed on our dinner reservations and grabbed some food at the opera house. The spinach salad was much better than the food we'd had at the restaurant the night before. It was weird.

We found our seats without a problem and had time for the husband to read the basic plot provided in the program. Its much easier if you know the plot beforehand, especially if you don't know the language that well. My German's a bit rusty, so I had to read the subtitles for exact words and that always distracts me from the music. I find if I know the plot, the words aren't as important and I can absorb the music better. The music was beautiful. The orchestration completely stole the show, but for this opera it's not unexpected. I did find myself tearing up in Act 3 when Kundry was baptized and was extremely moved by Amfortas' plea to end his suffering. But overall my favorite voice and actor was Stephen Milling as Gurnemanz. What an amazing bass voice he has.

As far as the physical experience, I can only hope that next time the coughers and sneezers stay home and that the man with gas isn't a season ticket holder. I also need to grab myself a back cushion before the next show to eliminate that bucket seat thing. It's murder on my back to have my shoulders pushed forward for that long.

This opera left me with a lot of things to mull over, but that's another post entirely.
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