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Does anyone remember Channel One, that horrible show/commercials piped into some schools as a way to pay for the distribution of tvs and such? I was thinking the other day, about something totally unrelated no less, and it occurred to me that Lisa Ling of The View used to be on Channel One. I think. Can anyone back me up on this?

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When I found out that Lisa Ling was on the View about a year ago, I laughed out loud, specifically because I remembered how much we used to mock her on channel One. Heehee.

Ok, so I'm slow. :P I'm glad that I'm not crazy though.

I remember the show, and a laugh riot it was, but I can't say I remember Lisa Ling...but the view can be a laugh riot too...my favorite episode was the toeless pantyhose for sandals one...oh yeeah.

I think Channel One was one of the best things about some of those classes. The swirly videos were hilarious.

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