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(no subject)

Yesterday was good and not-so-good at the same time. I managed to wake up and promptly be in a snotty mood. I'm starting to think this may have something to do with getting up after 7AM. If this is the case, I really need to get off this stupid work schedule and get a real job so I can sleep in properly on the weekend.

Anyway, yesterday was the weekly gaming session for the husband that is conveniently run by the husband of a friend. So she and I sat around and thought about writing on our stories. Their dog was a complete pain in the butt since she was tired but didn't want to nap. Its a cute dog when either asleep or awake, but that in-between time is just a mess. Didn't get much writing done yesterday, mostly due to the beer-drinking races and copious amounts of homemade guacamole. That's ok though, I did meet my writing commitment for yesterday and today I go back for the regularly-scheduled session. If only I weren't feeling so blah, it would be much better.