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Last weekend was incredibly busy. Saturday started with work, leading to a trip to grab the Mariners tickets for the Sunday game, followed by a couple of movies (Mr. Death was one, but it deserves an entry all by itself). Sunday was the Mariners game with hubby and my parents. It was a good game on a beautiful day. We had lunch at Baldy's and actually made it to the game on time. Of course, Dad drives 80 mph, but that's a whole different story. After the game (which the Mariners won) I had a sore throat and Dad was hoarse. We're definitely going to have to do that again. Ended up back at my parents place to play some pool and eat pizza. It's great to have the equivalent of a pool bar in their home; I'm much less likely to get dragged out and do yardwork that way. Monday was the hubby's work party/barbecue. I finally met his coworkers and proved that he's not a big liar. Or so they said. :) Turns out he's been passing the website around to his coworkers to show off the pictures. I'm going to have to keep that in mind when doing LiveJournal, since it's all linked together. I see more friends-only posting in the future as my anonymity fades away. Anyway, the barbecue was fun. We didn't stay too long as I was getting cold in the shade and my bedtime's all weird. So today seems to be the proverbial day of rest. Especially since the onions in yesterdays salads seem to be making their presence known. We'll see if I get any writing done today. I've been bad lately...