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(no subject)

Is it possible to get a raging headache from drinking too much liquid? That might explain the one I get about half way through my shift every day. Of course, it could also be the glare or maybe the work...

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I would think it would go the other way unless you're ingesting lots of caffeine. Drinking lots of water usually cancels out headaches. :/

That's what's making me crazy. I'm drinking decaf tea. I've had something like 4 huge mugs today and I didn't have a headache before. Well, I guess I was asleep before, but that's not the point!

Also, have you had your eyes checked recently? Getting glasses really helped my headaches from staring at a monitor all day.

Man, I can't get glasses! I'm the only one left in the family without them! Of course, that would increase the cuteness factor. Hmm.

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