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(no subject)

I haven't felt like writing in weeks. This is rather distressing as I compose journal entries in my head (paper, online, whatever) and never get around to writing them out. I have so much to say. But I'm blocked for some reason. Like if I put it on paper, write it for the world to see, I'll somehow become more vulnerable. My armor might show a crack. And of course, this is a bad thing somewhere in my psyche. But I really want to write. I want to spit out the things that are running through my head, the interior adventures I'm having. Stupid jet lag isn't helping. Going to be at 7PM to wake at 3:30AM and rush off to work doesn't give me a lot of home time to share. Maybe now that I've made it through the 1500 emails I came back to. Maybe when the time is right. Maybe later.