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I am very tired. Today was spent recouperating from both wedding and cold (I've had this thing since last Thursday, and let me tell you, it can be done any time soon. At least I'm finally down to the productive cough. 2 more days should do it.). Anyway, the wedding was beautiful, I cried like, well, since I don't ever really cry, I cried like a normal person. I even made the bride tear up with my toast. They were so happy and had so many happy people around that we didn't see much of them during the reception, but my brother and I danced to "We are Family." Amusingly enough, we were the only 2 dancing at that point, so it was pretty poignant for me.

Uh, back to today. Spent this reain soaked afternoon searching for a site for the shop I want to open and getting landlord phone numbers. I think I have about half a dozen decent sites in the area I'm looking at. Now it's mostly a matter of getting a lawyer and the funding to make this thing go...
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