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(no subject)

Yesterday, I rediscovered the joy that is Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance. Of course, I'm a weenie and set it to easy. But that's mostly because I like to play the game to win, not to die. Also, button mashing isn't a real "technique" yet, so I'm just an amateur. I think I lost the whole day, but I defeated the beholder!

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I played that for the first time this weekend. Must say, I really enjoyed it, though Hubby was less than impressed. . .

I'm having a terrific time killing things and seeing all the new creatures. Of course, I'm easy to please.

I totally thrashed that game with my Dwarf of Doom.

On INSANE mode, you get rings+18 or better. That's a world of hurt :)

INSANE mode? Doesn't that require some skill at these games? I'm a run and hack player...

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