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(no subject)

This morning on the way in to work, I was contemplating the casual theft of items from a coworkers desk. This led to the mysterious disappearance of items from my "filing cabinet" (really it's just a drawer for hanging folders and a junk drawer - not a real filing cabinet if you ask me) and how I ought to be locking it. This went on to contemplating that there are too many unused cabinets, mostly because they're locked by former employees who never brought back the keys. So I was wondering how hard it would be to pick the locks.

This was when I remembered Dad making a primitive lock-pick for my brother and I to use on his little blue suitcase. I think he was 5 and I was 8 or so. We spent hours picking that lock with the paperclip just because it wasn't a key. I can even recall the mottled columbia blue naugahyde of the suitcase. I haven't thought of that in ages.