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(no subject)

Well, seems that I was right to be concerned about the cold. They're talking about snow this weekend, all over western Washington. So it seems that in addition to running to the comic store (they're holding a 1602 #3 for me; they actually had one left!) I'll have to run to the grocery store and stock up. I don't have chains and I don't drive in the snow. Period. So We may be holed up in the house for a while. Of course, if it *doesn't* snow, we might be out digging holes for the plants trapped in the garage.

Wait, it's just now November. Like, today. How the heck are they threatening snow? And this is only the first threat! If it doesn't happen this time, it'll take 3 more threats to actually come true...

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Bah. An inch or less of snow that'll be gone by noon isn't that scary, Missy.

That's true, I suppose. But those weathermen are crazy enough to be wrong...

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