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First post

This is the inaugural post to my journal from my eMac. I think I like this thing.

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I love my eMac. Had to add some memory, but that's to be expected. Now my boyfriend, who has a rather ancient Linux computer, remotely logs in to mine when he has anything taxing to do. (I had to reboot unexpectedly this morning -- "Hey!" "What? I didn't know your Mozilla was running on my machine!" "I always run my web browser on your machine!") I got a model that allowed for booting to OS9 as an option, but I've never done it once. I had no idea what I was missing, with a zippy computer and OSX and iTunes and everything. My blueberry iMac had a rather short life, but I'm not mourning it anymore.

That's pretty funny. We don't really use our linux box for more than a webserver and firewall, but I suspect that soon it will be the print server too. I'm just glad to be able to use a computer and not have to fight my husband for time. Gamers. Sheesh. :)

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