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Parents? What're those?

I've seen this link to the kid who was punished for saying his moms were gay bandied about and had to get my two cents in (why isn't there a symbol for that?).

My first thought after reading this article: Where were the parents during this whole mess? Yes, it was sad that the teacher jumped in and scolded the child, particularly in front of peers without knowing/comprehending the whole situation.Yes, it was bad that the principal allowed the punishment to stand. But someone had to take that kid to school especially early for his punishment to take place. Why didn't the parents get the facts before allowing it?

All I can say is that if I'd done that and my mother had heard about it, I would never have undergone any punishment at all. She would never have taken me in to be punished without knowing why form both the teacher and me. I just can't imagine that those parents let their child be punished. That sort of acceptance and indifference is exactly the reason that schools are in such a poor state right now. Parents seem to no longer be actively involved in their childs schooling and the kids are the ones suffering.

Incidents like this almost make me think a parenting class ought to be mandatory. But that's too much government for my taste. There has to be a happy medium somewhere.

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As soon as I read the documents the ACLU linked to, I started wondering. The first day of punishment, the parents didn't yet know of the issue. But when the kid had to go to school at 6:45 to write his sentence one hundred times, someone had to get him up on time and get him there, no?

That's exactly what I was thinking. Who drives their kid to a 6:45 punishment session without knowing what it's about?

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