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(no subject)

My job function has been absorbed into a care rep environment. The change has been pretty transparent, except for our inclusion into some of the morale-boosting activities. These things remind me of my days in the startup, days when people cared how long you stuck around and were excited to come to work. Now that I work for Big Anonymous Corporation, the same activities feel like a slap in the face. No one really cares when I was born, and really I don't want to be reminded that I'm working on my birthday. Also, singling someone out who's lucky enough to have survived the rounds of layoffs for years is not an activity I want to participate in.

I must say, the activity itself is not waht I object to. I suppose it's the difference between 5 peoples names on an email and 30 that really bugs me. Working as an anonymous office drone was never on my list of things to do before I die. The heart of the problem is that I don't like to reminded that I've settled for working in a soulless corporation. Guess it's time to kick that inertia that's got me sticking around here and jump out into the world to make my own way.