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I took a sociology class in college where we discussed the murder in New York where a woman (can't remember her name for the life of me) was murdered in a courtyard surrounded by apartment buildings. There were at least 50 people that witnessed the murder, but no one called the police. The theory is that the more people that are witness to an incident, the less likely it is to be called in because they all figure it's already been taken care of.

I think of this every time I see something happen that needs to be reported. My first instinct is "eh, someone else has probably called that in already," but then I remember that class and the fact that a woman could have been saved if one person had lifted a finger. So I always call. I haven't been the first caller yet, but I feel vindicated by making sure that action is taken. Its kinda weird that taking a sociology class actually made me a better citizen.

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Kitty Genovese

Thanks Anonymous person!

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