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  • I have laughed at so many things today, I'm glad I haven't hurt myself. I love my friends.
  • My legs hurt from walking in heels all day yesterday.
  • I've barely been able to keep up with my email today.
  • Rehydrating sucks rocks.
  • I can't believe that I created a community.
  • My husband got so distracted doing chores and making dinner last night he didn't check for the voicemail I left him.
  • I'm going to pick up my glasses tonight! Yay!

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I love your friends too.
That's what you get for wearing heels. I prefer heelless shoes
Me too, pimp!
That sounds uncomfortable.
Then maybe it didn't happen.
Yay for him!
Where did you drop them? HAHAHAHA.

I'm going to thwap you just for this. Or maybe challenge you to a beer-chugging contest.

Nice! I like the second option. But you know you'll lose.
Or we could do a tequila shooting contest and I can watch you whimper and make faces.

Uh, maybe not. MAybe we'll make martinis or something.

Tree-flavored martinis? No thank you.

No, vodka martinis. With flavors like cranberry.

Hm. How about vodka martinis with flavors like bloody mary?

Or tequila martinis with flavors like margarita?

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