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How is this easy?

My husband and I watched Easy Rider a few nights ago. I'd been wanting to see it since our graveyard tourguide mentioned it in New Orleans. It lost me about 10 seconds into the film. But we perservered, watching all the way through to the bizarre and tragic ending. The best part of the film was watching them romp in the graveyard and knowing that was the reason the Catholic church no longer allows filming there.

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Hm...I haven't seen that yet either. Is that the one with Jon Voight? If so, I probably won't see it. Anaconda totally Voighted me to death, thank you very much.

Speaking of messed up movies, A Clockwork Orange. That's all I have to say about that. Hibbityjibbity.

It had Jack Nicholson and it was still, well. Not something I would rent from anywhere other than Netflix.

Almost all the Netflix movies I get are movies I wouldn't watch unless I got them through Netflix.

I still want those 2 Clockwork Orange hours back. Along with the money I'll have to spend on therapy. Seeing someone get beaten to death with her own giant penis statue is just plain scarring.

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