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Thank you trista! Lime Diet Coke is indeed food of the gods. And in honor of this fantastic new non-cleaner based drink, I'd like y'all to share ideas with me. What would you mix with lime vodka? All I can think of is grapefruit juice.

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I had a moment of reality breakdown. Yesterday, ladyboss actually referred to Lemon Diet Coke as having had Pledge added to it. After reading your post, I had a several second argument with myself about whether or not I had heard that statement from her or an lj source.

Don't you love how real life and LJ blend in your brain? That happens too many times for my comfort.

I also think it's interesting how often it happens that people from really diverse backgrounds and cultural experiences come up with the same opinions on things. Makes me laugh.

Course, disliking diet coke with lemon doesn't exactly make for UN debate stuff, but you know what i mean . . .

If we can find one bit of commonality, there's hope for all of us. Pledge-haters unite!

Isn't it heavenly? I lurve it. And it is so much better than the furniture polish-y lemon coke. Yay! :)

Yes. The lime flavor reminds me of key limes instead of boring old giant ones. Mmmmm.

Is it like those little tiny nummy Mexican limes that you're not supposed to bring back over the border? I loooooove you.

Lime vodka would make a darn good bloody mary, or caesar. I wonder if the world would spin off its axis if you mixed lime vodka with Pacifico. It would probably be okay if you were on a pirate ship.

Yes! Those fabulous limes!

Didn't they mix beer in with the rum in that punch? I think you could probably do that. Just don't drink it at a chugging contest.

Well, vodka in beer couldn't be any worse than that revolting mess-you-up rum punch. Is there really lime vodka? Bring some on Saturday!

Sure. If you'll get sweetened grapefruit juice.

Oh, and you should put up a picture of your lime-helmeted feline. In the spirit and all.

(Deleted comment)
I agree. The lemon is not nearly as good. Give me real lemons any day.

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