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(no subject)

I have just finished typing out the scenes I want to write. Sadly, there is little detail and the outline is very short. But! It's done. There are in fact 3 outlines that will need to be meshed together at some point when I figure out what order events will go it. But the 3 outlines are in order on their own, so it should be somewhat like shuffling cards. Here's crossing my fingers.

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Outlines are supposed to be short.

I did the same thing, and it helped a ton. I'm just writing scenes and I guess I'll figure out what order to put them in later. With mucho revision, obviously. But I plan on doing that anyway.

What are the 3 separate outlines for? Subplots and Subsubplots?

One is the main plot, one is a subplot and the other, I guess it's a subplot too. The main one was easy to put in order, so I just broke the others out until I figure out where they go.

Nifty! I can't wait to see it. Did you do that this morning, or did you have it done yesterday?

Yesterday. Still not quite awake today.

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