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Tired, headachy, but done

Yesterday was good. Except the whole working thing. It's starting to get tiresome. But I digress. I got home and promptly walked on the treadmill, bringing my totaly excercize count to 3 for this week. It was not easy to avoid just changing and climing into bed for a nap, but I did it. And afterward I was so energized I dusted. It was disgusting, but it's done. It was also a pretty good way to cool down.

I also managed to find the virus on my home computer and disable it, call my folk to let them know to check for it, talk to my husband on the phone twice and another friend once and get dinner ready. Then I sat down to eat and watch Death to Smoochy. Of course, then I passed out. Still tired this morning, and a bit of a headache. But very proud of yesterday.

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Your treadmill got fixed? How? Did it miraculously heal itself? If so, can it talk to the dry rot in my house?

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